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For nearly 60 years, Fidelity & Guaranty Life has been a catalyst to help others plan for tomorrow. With 700,000 policyholders counting on the protection features of our annuity and life insurance products, we innovate on behalf of our customers. Everything we do is designed to meet the changing needs of our policyholders while making sure each understands the options we offer, has an easy experience, and feels great about helping protect the policyholder's family and future retirement.

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Offering leading-edge life insurance and annuity products for nearly 60 years, we serve our policyholders through the growing independent agent market. In the late 1950’s, our parent company USF&G identified a need for innovative life insurance and annuity products that could be distributed through its property & casualty agency system. The company launched Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company in 1959 to achieve that mission.

We introduced our first product, traditional term life insurance, in 1960. Over the following years, we added additional life and annuity products to our portfolio. We built our policyholder base during this period by building products offered through respected independent licensed agents.

The U.S. property & casualty business rapidly consolidated in the 1990s. Our parent company merged with another P&C carrier, the St. Paul Companies. In 1998, we launched our first fixed indexed annuity product. We ranked number three in the industry for overall fixed indexed annuity sales that year.* We subsequently launched additional FIAs and built a strong reputation as a pioneer in this space. Based on our success in the indexed insurance market, a large UK-based carrier, Old Mutual acquired Fidelity And Guaranty Life Insurance Company in 2001. The carrier wanted to use our company as the cornerstone for their expansion into the U.S. market. We continued to strengthen our product portfolio and launched five new FIAs under their stewardship as OM Financial Life Insurance Company. We also introduced our first fixed indexed universal life product.

In 2011, HRG Group, Inc. purchased the company as the foundation of its insurance and financial services group and we became Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company. Since then, we have launched four new FIAs. We’ve also strengthened our life insurance portfolio by introducing two new indexed universal life products. In December 2013, Fidelity & Guaranty Life, completed an initial public offering. In November 2017 CF Corp. acquired the company which is now a subsidiary of FGL Holdings, a Cayman-based company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FG).

*Advantage Group, 2008 (now Wink, Inc.)

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What Our Employees Say

Drew Levy

"I joined Fidelity & Guaranty Life last year, looking for the next challenge in my career. In my short time with the company, I have had many opportunities to work with and learn about a variety of different aspects of the business. Co-workers and management are always willing to answer questions and do not hesitate to provide recognition for success and hard work. I’m very happy with my decision to join FGL!"

-Drew Levy Sr. Accountant
Nadia Kerschke

"I love working for FGL because of the culture and benefits. With as much time as we spend at the workplace, FGL feels like a family and my home away from home. The benefits are great and allows me to have a good work/life balance. FGL also offers fun activities throughout the year which bring people together and help get to know others better."

-Nadia Kerschke Case Management Supervisor
Kris Benge

"I joined Fidelity & Guaranty Life in March 2014 and it was the best career move I could have made. I love being a part of a growing company that is focused on its employees and customers. We have great leaders, a very open company culture, and excellent benefits. FGL team members are some of the most talented in the industry. Everyone is focused on helping the company succeed, but we have a lot of fun too. I enjoy having the opportunities I have at FGL to make a difference every single day!"

-Kris Benge HR Generalist